Did Humans Evolve From Apes?

Image courtesy of yourgenome.org

In 10th grade I read the play Inherit the Wind for the first of several times. Its subject matter, traditional American Christian belief versus the theory of evolution, reached for something higher than just an argument over whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. It dealt with a battle between tradition and free … Continue reading Did Humans Evolve From Apes?

Homeopathic Medicine: A Diluted Mess

You know, there are many "alternative" medicines in this world, and I'm not going to tackle all of them. Some of them may have some kind of merit, even if they are unscientific. And if they really help people, who am I to confront them? But there are cases where non-traditional medicines fly not only … Continue reading Homeopathic Medicine: A Diluted Mess

Dihydrogen Monoxide: It’s Just Water, Stupid!

Dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous compound. Yeah, hilarious. It's just water, and if you take the time to realize the nomenclature spells out the same thing as H20 you'll see that you should feel foolish if you've believed the memes. But you weren't fooled. Right? Right? Two hydrogens, one oxygen. It's that simple. Water is … Continue reading Dihydrogen Monoxide: It’s Just Water, Stupid!

Don’t Fear the Neutrino!

I want you to take a moment to leave your computer (or mobile device) screen and go outside. Stand under the sun, away from any trees, and hold your hand out. Congratulations! Billions of neutrinos have traveled through your hand, directly from the sun. You didn't have to put your hand out, stand out in … Continue reading Don’t Fear the Neutrino!

Pineal Gland: Minor Organ or Third Eye?

A friend of mine tasked me with writing an article about the pseudoscientific beliefs behind the pineal gland. I will likely write other articles in the same vein, because medical science has been heavily borrowed from by pseudoscientific practitioners. So, here are the facts: the pineal gland is a pea-sized, pine-cone shaped organ located in … Continue reading Pineal Gland: Minor Organ or Third Eye?

Is NASA Building a Warp Drive?

If you've taken the time to check out this article, you probably have also heard some of the hype regarding NASA's experimental spacecraft engines. The granddaddy of them all was a supposed "warp drive" based on a theoretical constructed called the Alcubierre drive. If you're a Star Trek fan, then you probably got goose bumps … Continue reading Is NASA Building a Warp Drive?