Did Humans Evolve From Apes?

Image courtesy of yourgenome.org

In 10th grade I read the play Inherit the Wind for the first of several times. Its subject matter, traditional American Christian belief versus the theory of evolution, reached for something higher than just an argument over whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. It dealt with a battle between tradition and free thinking. It was a battle I was more than happy to take part in. I was interested in furthering free thinking and I was very interested in human evolution. I got interested in the actual Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 and nearly obsessed with Clarence Darrow, who was the lawyer who represented the defendant, John Scopes.

I didn’t write this to reminisce. It just seemed to happen anyway.

While people aren’t yelling quite as loudly about evolution, the traditionalists (aka fundamentalists) are still steadfast in one single belief: humans did not evolve from apes.

Science agrees with them. Not because evolution is “just a theory,” but because science does not make the claim that man evolved from apes. In actuality, humans and modern apes both evolved from a common ancestor.

It is unclear exactly how long ago the divergence took place between the human line and the ape line, but it looks like it took place somewhere between 4 and 13 million years ago. Of course, it didn’t happen over night; most likely the split took millions of years with mating taking place between lines over the course of time. For a detailed timeline of this process, visit the website of the University of California at Berkeley here.

The point is, evolutionists aren’t really saying we evolved from apes (or monkeys as they often say). Of course, if you don’t believe in evolution whatsoever, this really doesn’t mean a hill of beans to you, but if you’re going to attack the theory of evolution, at least get your facts straight.

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