Send in the nanorobots

If you're a fan of science fiction, you've probably heard the term "nanorobots," "nanobots" or even "nanites." ¬†Most likely, you have some rough idea of what they do and how they work. They've been used to wipe out diseases from the bloodstream, perform delicate repairs on equipment, augment human abilities, and other things. They're practically … Continue reading Send in the nanorobots

Frontline for cats: what you should know

I once spent a week in a small North Carolina town visiting with a good friend of mine. We had become friends online because I had read some very enlightening posts she had written. She had interesting thoughts on religion, world events and politics. The Greyhound ride down there wasn't fun: fourteen hours of being … Continue reading Frontline for cats: what you should know

Are you from a parallel universe?

I love The Onion, and I love the A. V. Club articles they put out. These guys have a gift for talking about the raw matter of modern pop culture.¬† If you're familiar with the A. V. Club, you know that their articles are not satire like The Onion; they are very similar to articles … Continue reading Are you from a parallel universe?