Send in the nanorobots

If you're a fan of science fiction, you've probably heard the term "nanorobots," "nanobots" or even "nanites." ¬†Most likely, you have some rough idea of what they do and how they work. They've been used to wipe out diseases from the bloodstream, perform delicate repairs on equipment, augment human abilities, and other things. They're practically … Continue reading Send in the nanorobots

Frontline for cats: what you should know

I once spent a week in a small North Carolina town visiting with a good friend of mine. We had become friends online because I had read some very enlightening posts she had written. She had interesting thoughts on religion, world events and politics. The Greyhound ride down there wasn't fun: fourteen hours of being … Continue reading Frontline for cats: what you should know

Are you from a parallel universe?

I love The Onion, and I love the A. V. Club articles they put out. These guys have a gift for talking about the raw matter of modern pop culture.¬† If you're familiar with the A. V. Club, you know that their articles are not satire like The Onion; they are very similar to articles … Continue reading Are you from a parallel universe?

Hickeys and Cupping: They Suck

Listen, kids--don't give each other hickeys. Hickeys are dumb. They make you look trashy. And when you're proud of them, you're showing exactly how much of a child you are. Listen, athletes--that thing you're doing with suction cups that leave bruises? Cupping? Yeah, they're dumb too. If you're getting anything from it, it's the placebo … Continue reading Hickeys and Cupping: They Suck

Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement: A Spooky Duo

I invite you to do a little thought experiment with me, and you'll need a prop to help you along. Get yourself a sheet of paper. Draw an X toward one end and another X toward the other end. It should look something like this: I want you to imagine that the surface of this … Continue reading Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement: A Spooky Duo

Are genetically modified (GMO) foods safe?

I'm gonna say it right here and now: genetically modified crops are safe to eat, and the hoopla surrounding it isn't much more than a bunch of conspiracy theorists getting people riled up. I'm sure you've heard of Monsanto. While Monsanto has gotten themselves in hot water in the past, it was not because their … Continue reading Are genetically modified (GMO) foods safe?

What is alchemy, anyway?

When I began to research this article, I went in believing that the ultimate goal of alchemy was to transform less precious metals into gold. While most "users" of alchemy did so in an attempt to produce gold, there was much more to it than that. Alchemy is rooted in the idea that all matter … Continue reading What is alchemy, anyway?

Clean Water Tech: Get to Know It

We've seen enough survival shows on TV now to know that when you're in a survival situation, you need water. People in the real world could start suffering from dehydration on the way from the grocery store back to their car (you know who you are). Whether you're Les Stroud or not, you probably know … Continue reading Clean Water Tech: Get to Know It

Marijuana, cancer and you

I know what's gonna happen when my pot-smoking readers say when they see I've written an article about marijuana: they'll think, or say, "I knew he called himself the 'Chronic' Scientist for a reason." And they'll think the same thing every time I write an article about weed. And the thought of that amuses me. … Continue reading Marijuana, cancer and you

What the Heck are Gravitational Waves?

Before I go any further, I must point out the difference between gravitational waves and gravity waves. Gravitational waves are waves that occur in the fabric of spacetime created by gravitational phenomena in a massive body in space. Gravity waves are waves that occur in some fluid medium when disturbed from a state of equilibrium, … Continue reading What the Heck are Gravitational Waves?