What is alchemy, anyway?

When I began to research this article, I went in believing that the ultimate goal of alchemy was to transform less precious metals into gold. While most "users" of alchemy did so in an attempt to produce gold, there was much more to it than that. Alchemy is rooted in the idea that all matter … Continue reading What is alchemy, anyway?

Dihydrogen Monoxide: It’s Just Water, Stupid!

Dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous compound. Yeah, hilarious. It's just water, and if you take the time to realize the nomenclature spells out the same thing as H20 you'll see that you should feel foolish if you've believed the memes. But you weren't fooled. Right? Right? Two hydrogens, one oxygen. It's that simple. Water is … Continue reading Dihydrogen Monoxide: It’s Just Water, Stupid!