The word “science” literally means “knowledge.” The knowledge we acquire from science comes in the form of facts, and by facts, we mean evidence. We get this evidence through observation or experimentation. Theories, also known as models, are explanations that are given that fit the evidence (observational or experimental data). Scientific models are tested through repeated experimentation and their ability to predict phenomena which may or may not have been part of the original evidence.

Everything in the world depends on science! The buildings we live in, the offices we work in, the roads we drive on, the food we eat, the medicine that cures our illnesses: science is behind all of it! And if it weren’t reliable and predictable, we’d have to find something to take its place just to survive.

Unfortunately, there are loosely-associated bodies of “knowledge” that we in the science community call “pseudoscience.” And you see it all the time. Those crystals some people wear on their necklaces or that copper bracelet your neighbor has on his wrist? There is no actual evidence that they have any reliable positive effect on the body. Homeopathic medicine? A waste of time and money. There are a great number of things that fall under the umbrella of pseudoscience, such as astrology, psychic phenomena and similar studies.

I began this blog the expose the pseudoscience to people who may not otherwise realize they are treating it like real science. It can be annoying to listen to people talk about things you know aren’t true as if they are fact, but pseudoscience can be dangerous, especially when it intrudes into medical and health sciences.

I hope you all get something from this blog. If you like it, share it! If not, I’m eager to hear your feedback!